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MICHELLE SIRIWomen in Maryland need someone who has their backs. For decades, Michelle Siri has been a champion for women in the state, on the front lines of some of the biggest fights – from Maryland’s IVF coverage bill to the Maryland Contraceptive Equity Act. Her track record is proof that she can accomplish real progress for Maryland women – and now she is seeking the office of Lt. Governor so that she can impact change at a higher level. 

As a Maryland resident myself, I am thrilled to see that Michelle and her running mate John King have been prioritizing women in every aspect of their campaign platform – whether it’s the Black Agenda, health care, or economic equity. The King-Siri campaign has made it clear from day one that women’s progress is a critical part of the future they intend to build in Maryland. In fact, John and Michelle have pledged that the first bill they will work to pass once elected is Paid Family Leave.

When John chose Michelle to be his running mate in this race for the open governor’s seat, he did so with her experienced track record as a champion for women in mind. And, he knew her personal story only made her a stronger advocate for women – because she knows firsthand the struggles Maryland women are facing in their everyday lives. Michelle often shares with people she meets as she is out on the campaign trail the story of how she was sidelined at her law firm and taken off the partner track when she became pregnant with her first son. She knows that experiences like hers are far too common – and that we can and must do better. 

For Michelle, joining John on the ticket was an easy decision, because it meant getting to do more of what she has been doing for the past 20 years on a broader scale – fighting for Maryland women and families.

From day one on the campaign trail, Michelle has hit the ground running – meeting voters in living rooms and Zoom rooms, while still hard at work in her position as executive director of the Women’s Law Center of Maryland. She recently spearheaded the release of the campaign’s Building Women’s Economic Equity Plan, which outlines their bold vision for making women’s economic dignity and equity a reality. 

The plan is the most progressive women’s agenda set forth by any candidate in the Maryland gubernatorial race. It calls for raising the minimum wage in Maryland, closing the gender pay gap, investing in female entrepreneurs, putting in place protections against discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and boosting female participation in STEM majors and fields that have traditionally been male-dominated. All of these steps won’t just benefit Maryland women significantly but will have a broader impact on our families, communities, and economic success.

As someone who has seen firsthand Michelle’s tireless drive and visionary ideas, I can attest to her dedication to serving and uplifting Maryland women. I know that at this moment, Michelle is our best choice for Lieutenant Governor. With her and John together in the governor’s office, we can usher in a new era of equity.

If you are interested in learning more about the King-Siri for Maryland campaign’s plan for Maryland women, you can find it here.

By Ferrier Stillman

Ferrier Stillman Bio: Ferrier Stillman is a partner at Tydings and represents men and women in family law cases throughout Maryland. She is co-chair of Tydings’s Family Law Department and has practiced family law for 33 years. She received The Daily Record’s Leadership-In Law-Award, is in The Daily Record’s Top 100 Women Circle of Excellence, and has been recognized as a Maryland Super Lawyer.

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